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Thread: Ability to Move separate layers

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    Ability to Move separate layers

    I just wanted to pipe in and say that if artrage had the ability to move scale and rotate layers separately would be great.

    It would make manipulating things in a more graphical sense much easier.


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    Hi Danny M,

    Welcome to the forum. If you select the layer you want to work with and right click on it, you will see a menu appear that has an option to "transform layer". Select this and it will put you into a mode with a move, zoom and rotate icon to choose from. Perform your adjustments and click ok. Boom you're done.
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    I love the ability to move and scale layers. What would be even better would be an option to move, scale and rotate a selection. Essentially it would just automatically turn the selection into a new layer which you could manipulate, and then merge with the original layer once you're done. As it is now, I have to copy a layer, erase the stuff I don't want to mess with, erase the stuff I do want to mess with from the original layer, and transform that way. It would be so much easier if I just had a lasso tool.

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    Dear Fashmir, Thank you for the information and thank you DannyM for asking! will be handy to know

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