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Thread: Extracting a clean palette from an image using Photoshop

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    Excellent tip DAkey, can't believe i didn't think of this before, i use save for web all the time, it's an excellent way to save for the forum, i actually get smaller Png's at better quality than Jpegs out of the "Save for Web" in Photoshop, a great little extension indeed
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    Very nice. Great idea DAkey

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    PC Help !

    Hi D Akey,

    Your post was appreciated. Getting a manageable color palette is really useful.

    I was able to follow your directions except when it got down to getting the reduced gif palette in PS out and into AR.

    Doing a screen print on my PC gave me the whole PS window including the image, etc. Do you have any suggestions how I can just grab just the reduced palette in the Save for Web and Devices window in PS?

    If I select DONE in that window, the image turns to the reduced color palette in PS. I can save the image and open it in Painter and create a color set with those colors. Works great!

    Or I can save the color table out of PS as an ACT file.

    But, I can't figure out how to get either the ACT or the narrowed palette from PS into AR. Is there a way in AR to convert an image into a color sample set? or use the ACT file?

    I hope this makes sense..... Thanks, in advance, for any help you can give me.


    Jim Gahl

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    Regarding the Pixelate filter in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, I've discovered that the same filter is available for use in the free online editor Sumo Paint. Handy for those like me who don't have the above software programs.

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    If you're using the Photoshop swatches in Photoshop, you can also click on the arrow next to Color Table/Image Size and choose Save Color Table. Of course, that doesn't do anything to help you get those colors into ArtRage. For that, you'll need to do the screen capture described below.

    Quote Originally Posted by D Akey View Post
    3) In order to pull only the color palette off to be used it takes two steps.

    Do a screen grab. Macs use: [Command/Apple]+[Shift]+[3]
    PCs use: Print Screen (to the right of the function keys at the top of the keyboard)

    Now the image is either saved (Mac) or in your copy buffer (PC). (I'm doing this PC part from memory, so please correct me if I'm wrong.)

    So with Mac. open the file in Photoshop (in my case screengrabs get saved to my Desktop and it's named 'picture1', 'picture2' etc).

    Or with PC you can, as I recall, open File > New > Ok and it will open the grab from your buffer. And if the image is not in the new window, then just paste it in [Ctrl]+[V] or Edit > Paste.

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