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Thread: Simple query I hope, about exporting

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    Simple query I hope, about exporting

    Hi, I am a new user of ArtRage. I am using it to draw little pieces of design that I want to export and use in another program, Excel in fact. If I want a squiggle of glitter, I can draw it and export it as a jpg, but it comes up on a white background. Is it possible just to export the paint, so it comes up on a clear background in the Excel?


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    Try exporting it as a .PNG file, it should work for you.
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    Exporting it as a PNG is definitely a good idea, as this format will support transparency. Also, make sure to right click your background layer ( if you're exporting the whole image ), choose 'Edit Paper Settings' and set the opacity to 0% before exporting. This will make sure that the canvas has been made invisible so that you will have a transparent background.

    Layers with transparent backgrounds can be indivudually exported from their right-click menu in addition if you just want to use an individual layer rather than your whole painting.
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