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Thread: Pencil Box

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    Pencil Box

    The pencil box for an artist is something singular, the content after a while doesn't change that much, we got our habits, our favorites pens and tools.
    Being able to store custom tools, in a drop down list or something, with a feature like "creating a new tool". So we can keep in our Pencil box all our favorites settings like a black feltpen with 100%, 100%, 62% and off beside a white one with other settings, paint brush with paint setted as well etc. etc.
    So we can work with our favorites settings for several tools without all the time playing with the knobs.

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    second that
    First you learn patterns, then more patterns, finally you dance

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    A bit late, but 3rd the request. Once you've got your settings tweaked, it would be nice to store them.

    Also, if the settings file could be made portable(!) then you could post the file and share your favorite tools with others.


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    Maybe we could start a list for the next update
    I'll fourth this request!

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    Pencil/Brush Pot UI Treatment

    Well, without wishing to force my ideas upon the extremely capable developers, I thought I would knock up a treatment for how I imagine the Pencil/Brush Pot could work.

    It's a little unfinished, as I was busy watching X-Men at the time, but I think it gets the idea across.

    I'd be interested to hear any feedback.
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    good idea.

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