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Thread: When Flattened Layers Loose Opacity Settings

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    When Flattened Layers Loose Opacity Settings

    In this test, my intention is to work on multiple layers, adjust the opacity on each, and merge them into a flat image keeping the opacity settings.

    Only problem is that when I do so, they all flatten down at 100% opacity, meaning they jump back to solid and full color, even though around the stroke is still clear like ascetate.

    Is there a way to flatten the image and maintain the look I had when it was uncollapsed?

    So quick example:

    1) Make a new canvas. Paintbrush stroke once.

    2) Make a new layer. Paintbrush stroke crossing the other (different color for clarity of this example). Set layer opacity to 49%.

    3) Make a new layer (3 layers now counting the base). Paintbrush stroke across the other 2 with different color. Set layer opacity at 49%.

    4) Then Merge All Layers.

    You see what I mean. The strokes all pop back at 100% opaque.

    Is there a way to maintain the transparent look? Or was this designed this way for another reason -- eg. to not look like a computer done image? Having semi-transparent layers will look computer or photo manipulated.

    How did you intend for this feature to be used when you designed it?

    I admit I may be using it wrong. Old graphics habit to use transparency as an end point. Just curious.


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    The original intention of layers was different to the Photoshop model - we were considering taking ArtRage in a fairly different direction. This led to some limitations in the painting model that prevented layers being able to be composited together at varying transparency and still be able to be edited.
    After much discussion here we decided the traditional use of layers is more aligned with what users would expect, so we will be making layer compositing work as you originally describe - with composited layers retaining their transparency after merging.
    This will be part of a free update to ArtRage - probably part of the next 'dot' release of ArtRage.
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