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    quick question, i was wondering how many of you have an art background or have taken art classes, and are there many people who are self taught? i see so many amazing pictures on this forum, how did you all learn?

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    I've always been into Art and have pretty much done whatever I could to learn more. Aside from the numerous books I bought, I've also gone to College for Fine Art and Graphic design. I had stopped drawing for quit a few years due to the amount of work I had to do, but suddenly got the urge to get back into things. Having seen so much digital art around, I thought it would be a good way to shake off the rust, so I bought a small drawing tablet and ArtRage soon after.
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    Hi Gordon, Welcome....
    I am self taught.......(still learning)
    I have to say that the friendly people on this forum helped me alot.
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    Gordon, the gamut runs from people who were or are professionals to we amateurs. Pay it no mind ... just weigh in.

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    I studied architecture for 5 years and did a "foundation" year with lots of life drawing and formal training in drawing, painting and sculpture.
    It "taught me how to learn".

    I've found books really helpful since then (and of course lots of painting and drawing)
    I also found that modelling in 3d has really helped my drawing ability

    There was a documentary I saw a week or two ago about "virtuoso" music performers. Apparently when asked to add up how many hours of practice they had done in total from the age of 6 to 16 the figure was in the 7000+ hours range almost without fail for todays concert virtuosos!

    That's averaging just under two hours a day for ten years during their formative years!
    poor kids, i hope they loved it!

    Quote Originally Posted by RobertSWade View Post
    Gordon, the gamut runs from people who were or are professionals to we amateurs. Pay it no mind ... just weigh in.

    That's good advice though as formal training or not everyone is on the journey!
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    Talent is one aspect - Soul is the other

    I am a son of a painter, and a really good one...

    The talent is important, but the soul has more impact on your work.

    Look at children's drawings, and you will see a free mind, playing with colors, and you will see a fearless drawing.

    Sometimes we are afraid of the critics (ourself mostly) and the drawing becomes soul less.

    (Well that's my philosophy anyway...)
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    I am a son of a painter too...

    I drawn alot in my early childhood, but the artlessons in school had destroyed alot of interest.... I restarted with 3d programms and some photoshop works after school. Then i found artrage in the net and since then i'm addicted again

    As micheal said, the 3d background help me also alot in understanding how stuff works... and i like to work with both mediums together...

    My tip dosen't differ from the others here... just draw and have fun. And read tutorial, watch videos, join forums (you did a good step allready).... and the best of all... learn to observe your sourroundings...

    Bon chance!

    Greetz maror

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    Hi Gordon,

    as everyone else has said, just dive in and do it..............I learned to draw here with this amazing set of tools in ArtRage.......looking back to when I started, my first efforts were not that good but with all the help you get here from this community you can't help but give it a go Gordon!
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    Hi all, I'll weigh in here as well.

    I am self taught as well. Although there was a lot of talent in my family. My mother used pastels and my father used paint. (Never their job though, mostly hobby. They were both in the medical field.) They never told me I couldn't try what I wanted so I dabbled in both. My sister is good in pencil, so once I started to get back into art I began to do pencil portraits. That's what my small business is in, although I don't make a whole lot at the moment. I've been doing portraits, but right now everything I make goes to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund. That's why I also have a day job, well, my day job is a night job working in a children's hospital.

    I like all different mediums from pen and ink to sculpture, but I have really been into the digital art now that I have discovered Artrage. It is such a magnificently versatile program with practically no limitations. I am working on getting into children's illustrations at the moment. I have 3 kids and absolutely no limit to the stories they bring to me.

    I guess that's a little more than necessary. So, no, no lessons. Just doing and learning. (although I would have loved to take some classes in landscaping as it is a major problem for me. People are easy, trees are hard.)
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    A bit of both - been drawing and painting since I was a child and then high school art lessons.
    Which were more of an excuse to play with paint everyday than any actual success, gradewise >.>

    And since then, these last few years have been seriously self taught.

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