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Thread: Annoying 'artifacts/gaps' in marker strokes...

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    Annoying 'artifacts/gaps' in marker strokes...


    In ArtRage 2.5.20 (FULL purchased version), I`m getting weird gaps/artifacts in my strokes (marker, brush and pencil), as indicated by red arrows in the screen-snap below.

    Does anyone know how I can resolve this?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...


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    ArtRage uses a rendered stroke-based algorithm, rather than a dab-based algorithm that most other digital programs use. The stroke-based algorithm leaves artifacts where you force the brush-head through a corner of radius smaller enough that the inner edge of the stroke overruns itself. To prevent tools which have semi-transparent paint from showing a multi-type effect in sharp corners ArtRage clips out the intersections.
    The result is that if you put certain tools through sharp reversals there will be 'notches' on the inside of the curve where the overrunning edge has been clipped out. (The maths of a brush head passing through a tight corner is phenomenal).
    The artifact is only visible at certain corner radii with the tool.

    The airbrush tool and the pencil in 'precise' mode dont have this issue - they use a more traditional dab-based approach to their rendering.

    We're looking at ways to improve the tight corner issue in future releases of ArtRage.
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    Recently, when working on larger canvases and painting at 200 zoom, I noticed the same thing. Some of the little white bits wont disappear when blending.

    Its nothing that bothers me, just commenting.

    (I was looking at some online art sites recently and noticed that some of the older, famous, "real" artists have those little white bits as well. )
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    I too hope that this can be fixed or at the very least, lessened dramatically as I have noticed this more now that I have started using Art Rage on a regular basis. This can be a problem when inking the fingers and noses on a character. It becomes very noticeable over time.
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