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Thread: Brush Angling

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    Brush Angling


    Is there a way to angle the brush, palette knife or whatever as you would commonly do in real world hand done art?

    The brushes always seem to be orienting themselves broadside to the direction of the stroke.

    But what about dragging it obliquely and changing direction to get a thin and thick mark? Is it yet possible to stiffen the re-orienting part of the markmaking?

    Example would be where one makes a vertical dent in the paint. Could one pull it farther vertical with that thin mark? If you could do that then the next part of that would be to go narrow vertical and then change direction to the broad left stroke as caligraphers do with a pen nib?

    Customizable brush control is not essential, but it would be useful.


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    while i don't think there's a way to do this in artrage currently

    perhaps adding an angle fixation parameter to the brushes ala inkscape and dynadraw (source)

    this works nicely for getting caligraphic shapes
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    Hi the,

    Now that's what I call a helpful post. . . way over my head, programming, that is. . . but coming back with a 'not only is that a good idea, but here's how to code for it'. hehe.

    Too hip.

    I don't think the feature would add a lot of processor stress, since we're already doing curves pretty well. But that's for the programmers to say. It's all part of the dark arts.


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