I don't know if there are any Zbrush users on this forum. But here goes:

What I want to know is if anyone else tried using Zapplink (a Zbrush-plugin) with Artrage 2.5 to texture a 3d model. I did ask this question before on the Zbrush forums and it seems that because Artrage cannot "open" psd files as such (as opposed to "importing" and "exporting" them, which AR is capable of doing), Zapplink only opens up Artrage but does not actually open up the psd file from ZB (Just a "blank" canvas).

Anyhow, I was wondering whether any of you guys/gals have since been able to get it to work, or have maybe found a workaround.

I played around with it last night and sort of got it to work with by way of a workaround. It was very late however and I still have to refine and experiment with it a bit before I suggest my workaround and post some results (if anyone is interested).