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Thread: venice-london. FINISHED!!!!

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    ... Yeah, will update the website at some point (on my "to do" list)
    I'll probably cut 90% of the content and make it really short and punchy...

    On the presentation thing it's good to have a book or folio to take with you to clients, and a website to refer people to with a business card, e-mail or whatever.

    So i know what i have to do... make some great piece (visually stunning) with lack of ideas...and set them up in a portfolio
    It's best to show ideas and great finish at the same time.
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    Beautiful so far! Am eagerly awaiting the next pics.
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    Thank you Dali, I was so close to finishing that I didn't reply when I saw your message...

    It's done at last and i'd like to thank all of you who posted on the way as your encouragement was invaluable to me.

    I'm happy with the palette at last, though it was a risk that the added lights would make the initial read more complicated I think it makes the whole thing much richer...

    See it here:
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