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Thread: venice-london. FINISHED!!!!

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    venice-london. FINISHED!!!!

    This will probably take me a few days to do, so I thought I'd post early....

    I really like "romantic" era paintings and once saw a picture of Londons' Saint Pauls cathedral on the grand canal in Venice... Wow.

    This piece is going to be "timeless" in the sense that it'll have modern references combined with old architecture... a sort of planet of the apes thing (without the apes.)..

    It'll be a flooded London with a gondola traversing the street, "overlords" observing from horseback.

    This is the first set of sketches comped into a rough outline composition.

    Will need to finalise it a bit, but I'm happy with all the elements here so far, just need to add "connective tissue" to fill in the gaps....
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    Gee , Michael, your sketches are very good, they look aged, lovely in themselves!

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    Sweet idea and beautiful sketches

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    Thanks Lee and Rowena,

    The sketches look more aged the more I struggle to find the line, flailing around, strengthening some lines more positively as i get closer to the target...

    It's strange - I think I sketch better (more positively and accurately) from within artrage... perhaps because it's digital you get more confidence to go for it.

    Anyway, glad you like the idea. It'll be a few hours 'til i get to work on it. I've got to get the kids off to bed!
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    thatone looks promising...nice idea.
    Good luck...and it's nice to see another wip. everybody can learn alot.

    Good luck

    Greetz maror

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    thanks for the encouragement Maror.
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    got caught up watching heroes!

    minor update, I think the oarswere a mistake... will add a "thai" style petrol engine on a pole with a standing gondolier instead.
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    Very nice so far, and I agree, I love they sketching style.
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    yes a beautiful sketch tells so much story already...really like it.
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    Thank you Dali, Thank you Selby.
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