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Thread: Opacity for felt pen?

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    Opacity for felt pen?

    Does ArtRage have a tool or setting where the tool can be both hard and have a low opacity?

    If the felt pen tool had an opacity setting it would be perfect, or if the airbrush had a hardness (dare I say, like PS).

    I know ArtRage is an attempt to replicate "real" art tools so I can appreciate if it can't do what I'm looking for.

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    One option that springs to mind is the oil brush with high 'thinners' settings. When you raise the value of the thinners dial, the paint gets an increasingly translucent look. The example below is using the Oil Brush, maximum loading, insta-dry turned off, and increasing levels of thinners from 0% to 100%. I've added a second stroke on a new layer over each of the previous ones to give an idea of the possible levels of opacity using this method.
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    That works quite nicely, thank you I turned insta-dry on so I could build up the colour.

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    The felt pen tool also has lots of option for opacity... these are pen tool marks made on one layer so that the colors interact with each other. When you adjust wetness/softness/pressure and the Precise tab on/ will get varying marks and degrees of opacity. Also when you select the color white, it blurs out the other colors to make a misty semi-transparent effect.

    Hope this helps...
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    If you set the paper grain to "cell" with a 100% opacity and use the chalk tool, it'll be pretty similar to working with the default brush in Photoshop.
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