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    Question Explain

    I don't understand any of the technical parts of the tools on this program
    i don't get what all the different settings change with the:
    Paintbrush, loading, thinners and pressure
    Pencil , softeners
    Airbrush , taper length and tilt anlge
    Felt pen, wetness

    I probably sound like a total noob
    but i don't get it lol
    help if you can : )
    Rasha Taha

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    weel first of all just play around with different tools and settings. there's nothing to worry about most of the tools work like the real parts...
    and i can tell you artrage is comparison to other applications.
    And well there is a Helpfunction and alot of tutorials wich you can learn alot....

    i've you still have questions then...ask again, and maybe a bit more focused.

    Good luck for now....

    Greez maror
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    And dont forget the nice friendly helpful manual, which you can get to by pressing <F1> or from the 'Help' menu.
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    Another good way to get started with ArtRage is to download the quickstart guide from our tutorials page at

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