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Thread: More Photos on flickr

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    More Photos on flickr

    Well you are all too kind, so here is the link to my full photostream... I've uploaded some more but haven't really organised them yet. So it's a bit of a mishmash.

    In answer to the questions:

    I used Paint Shop Pro to tweak, just saturation, contrast etc... In fact mostly just the one click fix. But the light that morning was fantastic and the rainbow was a full arc double one just didn't have a wide enough angle on the carmera to get it all in.

    I live in the Forest of Dean which borders Wales... Good Guess.

    Anyone can use my pics as refs, other people on flickr can lock theirs or give limited rights, so it's a case of checking you can message people so just asking can't hurt.

    hope you like them

    Oh future questions... yes the mutt with the frozen beard is mine and so is the garden.

    just as a taster, one of those moments when you have to run and get the camera.
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    Beautiful photos and art! You have a great eye for beauty.

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