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Thread: User banning, and posting of copyrighted works.

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    User banning, and posting of copyrighted works.

    Before the drama ensues...
    Icebox23 has been banned from the forum.
    This user has been posting works by other artists, and claiming it as their own. In some cases even changing the artists signature.

    Icebox23 was given repeated warnings not to do this, but disregarded those warnings.
    Some examples of the original works copied:

    At Ambient Design we take the copyright of artists work *very* seriously. We expect other artists to respect the copyright of the works of their peers as well.

    Contributors to the ArtRage forums are reminded not to try to claim ownership of other artists work.
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    I supposed that it was possible for a 12 year old to display such a range of styles ... but I always had my suspicions.

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    Thanks for looking after us Andy. I appreciate very much your stance on copyrights. Most of us do this for the fun/love of it. Nice to know that what we do is ours--at least here. Thanks again.
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    When icebox first started posting, I had actually brought that matter up with a friend of mine (looking to get a second opinion on the variations of work icebox had been posting), but when I went to show him icebox's threads I found they were missing. Apparently they had been deleted before I could show him and get his opinion, lol. At least I now know I'm not as crazy I thought and won't have to change my name to "SomeoneINsane".
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    Hmm indeed bad news... i always ask me what kind of satisfaction this is?
    I could have pretty hard consequenses for the forum or team ambient...
    so infact we should ask more for steps of a painting or how it's done, if we're suspicious!

    Well i hope this people take the chance to learn something...
    art is alot of do it yourself
    (and well i hope icebox reads this if he's now logged in on another alias)

    Greez & thanks


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    Many thanks to the AR team for being so involved in this forum. When he/she first started posting I made a ... roundabout... comment on the pictures being posted. Thanks for showing some of us we weren't touched upstairs.......LOL I just knew of those gut feelings.
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    Sorry, had no clue, hadn't been here long enough I guess, although I didn't even remember that one dog(wolf) post as being his/hers. Didn't look at the name I suppose. Pitty that someone would do that, but kudos for the person that caught them. I guess if he/she was only 12, he/she didn't know any better. Hopefully lesson learned.
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    Such a hard concept to teach, that what you find in books etc etc, is for your pleasure, but if you use it you must give credit to original artists, writers etc etc,
    I was heartened to find out my sons high school is now enforcing rigid bibliography rules, to try to tackle this problem.
    Sad also that a child is so missing encouragement that they will try to pass off others work for the pleasure of being told how good it is.
    probably would have got the same encouragement simply for posting a link with "look at this fantastic pic I found at....",
    Then again I remeber as a kid the school projects that were basically cut and paste (literally) of found information, presented on a large cardboard sheet,...,is this the heart of the problem.
    Icebox, if you are reading this, please learn that the pleasure of encouragement on your own work is so much greater than that of false work that even if it does not yet meet where you want it to go, it still feels better, accept that you may not yet be the artist you want to be, but with effort you can be.
    Remember also there is no shame in actually redrawing what another artist has done to understand how they did it and develop your own skills, but you should always give kudos to the initial artist, (People Still copy the mona lisa for example).
    Good luck with your art, and hopefully we will eventually see some works that are yours.
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