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Thread: Technical help and support

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    Technical help and support

    I was skimming through a lot of the technical help offered in the forums. I find it mind boggling and impressive that there is so much expertise in using Art Rage. I can't imagine getting this kind of help and wisdom for such an inexpensive and powerful software program such as Art Rage. It makes me wonder if the Art Rage creators ever thought their program would elicit such interest and dedication. Very glad I came across Art Rage. One of the best investments in software anywhere.

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    I remember reading a post by one of the Rage Brothers to the effect that when they created the Forums they were afraid it would be a ghost town. Not enough can be said in praise of what they created here ... not only in community spirit but also in a wealth of experience being shared by the members.

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    We get an awful lot of help in the Tech Support forum from ArtRage users. I often notice when I'm reading the forums that someone else has already answered a user's question or offered helpful advice. Thanks everyone!

    We didn't expect the community to grow nearly as much as it has, that's true. We also weren't anticipating what a friendly and supportive community it would turn out to be!
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