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Thread: ArtRage overflows screen in Leopard

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    ArtRage overflows screen in Leopard

    I am using ArtRage on an iMac with Leopard OS 10 5.5.

    When I open ArtRage, it opens in full screen, but overfills my desktop.
    The resizing triangle at the lower left corner and the colour wheel functions are out of sight and inaccessible.

    I have tried going as deep as possible into the corner with my cursor and uninstalling and reinstalling ArtRage. Neither worked.

    Does anyone have other suggestions?

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    In the top menu bar in the ArtRage window, where you see the zoom %, the undo and redo arrows, you should also see an underscore button ( minimise ), a square icon to the right of that ( window / fullscreen ). If you hit that icon, ArtRage will shift to a windowed state and you can size it as a normal Mac window.

    Let me know if unsure, and I'll be happy to help further.
    Resident Bug-Hunter / Technical Support
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    Many thanks Dave. That did the trick. I can't believe I missed it.
    I really appreciate your patience and presence.
    Thanks again...

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