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Thread: Grain parameters - are there any?

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    Grain parameters - are there any?

    I like the grain feature for surface. Where can I read up on how to use this feature in detail?

    eg. is there a max size? Does it all have to be tiled into a pattern or can I have one huge image for tooth that covers the whole picture?

    What's a good value for tooth -- 10 percent gray?

    And once loaded, can I mess with the parameters, making the relief of the tooth deeper by darkening it?

    The tool for selecting paper grain is great. But I want to experiment. Right now I'm looking at creating an interesting tooth for paper and/or a long gesso stroke canvas prep look.


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    Hi. DAkey.

    I'm not sure to i understand your question right but i tell you one process how can make grain?

    First i import, that drawed image or photo, what i want to use grain image.

    Then i fixet it that final size what i want to be at final image size.
    This fixing-process can need few export-import layer png dones before final grain-image is ready.

    Then i export that image to grain-image.

    Now i open old or new drawing and set paper-settings to grain that grain-image.

    Hope this give some idea to you.

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    Thanks for the responses. ''

    Very helpful, Heikki.

    Fashmir, doing searches for the keyword 'grain' didn't turn up that link. 'Paper' was the word.

    Anyway, it's a really cool feature and I can see lots of uses for going crazy.

    I look forward to using my digital camera as a grain maker now as well. Asphalt, granite, and spider webs, package labels and lots of other possibilities. I can't wait to try them out.

    Even grass clippings, like you said in another post, Fashmir. That doesn't sound too bad as a texture. Might give a ratty, woven sort of surface.

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