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Thread: Photo shop course advice please.

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    Photo shop course advice please.

    Hi not been on this forum for long but i am wanting some advice. Ive been searching my local collage for photoshop courses. I think ive found one but want more advice whever it be good to start learning photo shop. This is what it is.

    Course: E-Image Creation (Non -Accredited)

    An introduction to the basics of using a digital camera and photo editing software. Learners will develop skills that will allow them to produce, print and save drawings, artwork and photographs and download images from cameras and other media.

    What you will study

    You will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop Elements software and will use this to insert, manipulate and edit simple artwork and images. Using downloaded images from a digital camera, you will develop a sound understanding of image and text manipulation.

    This is level 1 and goes onto level 3 there are certificates as well at the end of courses.

    I was wondering whever this be a first step into learning photoshop. This course is at my local collage.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    You do realize this is the ArtRage site?

    Why not ask at the Photoshop portion of the Adobe site. They might give a detailed answer of what the least you can expect from a certificated class would be.

    Besides, so much depends on the teacher. Some teachers are pretty lame where they only have the students go through the manual or a textbook on their own doing the exercises. It's still better than nothing, but you could get the same or better value on your own, just no certificate.

    Photoshop is essential for any digital artist. Elements is a skinny version of that program and would probably be a decent starting point.

    And ArtRage exports and imports Photoshop formatted files so there is a cross over especially in the use of layers and filters and stuff like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D Akey View Post
    Besides, so much depends on the teacher. Some teachers are pretty lame where they only have the students go through the manual or a textbook on their own doing the exercises.
    You got that right D Akey! I took a number of graphic and computer design courses while in college and I can tell you, some Professors have a funny way of "teaching". I took one class where we were handed a syllabus and manual of sorts on the first day and told that we could just hand in the material at the end of each week (sometimes he wasn't even there to pick up the stuff himself). If I wanted to learn from a book, I could've gone to Barnes and Noble...

    Certain things you'll probably end up learning more from people in online forums and tutorials and simply experimenting with the programs yourself. As D Akey mentioned though, you won't get any certificates or credits for that. It's really all going to depend on the school, course, and professor you get.
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    I don't think elements supports tablets. My fathers version of Photoshop elements didn't.

    The conclusion I draw from the text and that my fathers Photshop elements doesn't support tablets is that there will be no actual painting in Photoshop in that course. Just editing of art and photos, using filters, removing redeye, the wand selection tool, light and colour adjustment, standards for printing, that sort of thing.

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    Elements usually gets dolled out as a freebie along with such things as a Wacom tablet. Its basically foolproof and I wouldn't have thought anyone would need to do a course to use it, as it has an inbuilt beginners guide in the interface.

    I wouldn't say 'no' to any course as long as you didn't have to pay for it, but I think the best way to begin is to join a relevant forum and jump right in. There is loads to be learned just by making mistakes anyway.

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    1st off their are to groups of photoshop teachers .......the teachers that are photographers and the teachers that are artist. I recommend you find out what this teachers background is.
    I have been with photoshop since it came out. I tutor it at my local collage so if you need more advice feel free to ask.

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