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Thread: Clown Gallery(Uploads unceasingly)

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    dear Sadclown, i am just going to say it- Your work is an inspiration to me.I love every single aspect of any of your drawings and look forward to your next works. There is one thing that will bring me to heaven and that thing is seeing a tutorial on brushes and coloring in artrage by you. I want to know your technique,i want to learn from you.

    If you ever post a tutorial on artrage or record yourself drawing and post it youtube,anything.I'll be there to favorite it,save it,get to know it well..

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    Wonderful work....all of it beautiful
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    I am glad I looked all the way through, your work is amazing, you work quickly with a beautiful style, I just love your strong brush strokes and the
    vibrant colours you've used. You are a very talented young man.
    Many thanks for showing your work and brightening every body's day.

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    I have previously checked out your work in the gallery, but now I have found your thread so I can add my praise to all of the others'. (A week or so, I even added one of your landscapes for my desktop background. I hope you don't mind.) Thank you for sharing your work. It is fresh and elegant in all of the right ways.

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    All your works are extremely awesome. You are a real "colorist", so vibrant and dynamic. You got your own palette and stroke style i think. Brilliant!

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    I wish you great success. Your work is fantastic. I really love your portraits on CGHub.
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    i love your washes of colour
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
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    bottle and apples

    everybody Thank you for always been my encouragement and support,
    I am very moved and very grateful to everyone.
    I am not a man .I am is a girl, I am ashamed of my poor English proficiency,
    so I can only use a few simple Composed of sentence grammar,
    if you bring inconvenience to the place where I hope I can be forgiven,
    At the same time, I hope that you will not laugh at me now, I simply say to you,

    my painting. In School My profession is oil painting .
    I love this profession, because I am a bit lazy, so .everyday only to their own plan ahead,
    I will paint every day, usually before the time of the oil painting,
    most recently, I slowly familiar with the computer drawing.
    I use wacom Painting.'s Software is a Painter painting or Artrage. I like painting portrait very much,
    still life moderate breezes view.Among them.,
    The painting still life moderate breezes view I like very much to paint with the Artrage.
    He is very nice the painting tool of stick
    I am very love of Artrage ,
    I like rich color screen,
    so I often use some of the paintings Artrege fast practice,
    these paintings are a very short period of time , Very short period of time, perhaps a few minutes.
    but Figure painting a little longer period of time.
    Now I need to do more exercise, and strive to progress.
    Everyone's very happy to have the support, encouragement,
    I will continue to hard work , ha ha
    thank you
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    Hello Sadclown. Your English is very very good and your paintings superb. It gives me such pleasure to see each new painting. Your a very talented lady with a great future ahead of you. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.

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    very confidant painting just lovely

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