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Thread: Clown Gallery(Uploads unceasingly)

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    (Caesar thank you ,i feeling you are Careful boy .thanks yours are lovely boy .)

    (jacktar51 thanks yours Encouragement,i will go on ,hard work)

    Hello ,everyone
    I said i will painting a ship .
    now .clown shown the ship ,the red ship .
    I hope you will like it .
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    Your use of bright colours is really refreshing SadClown. Welcome to the forums. I look forward to seeing more work and you blossoming into being 'HappyClown'.
    Nick Harris Artwork

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    You have made a powerful ship drawing,SadClown! That vivid red is pure and the strong emotion!

    您做了一张强有力的船图画,哀伤的小丑! 那生动的红色是纯净和强的情感!

    A boy? Me? Yes, an almost half century old boy! Thanks!

    一个男孩? 我? 是,一个几乎半世纪老 谢谢! 男孩!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Clown Gallery(Renews unceasingly)

    Nickillus,thank you ,iam very love yours painting .welcome to my gallery.thanks yours Encouragement..

    Caesar,Careful boy,hello .iam very happy looked yours Praise.thanks very much .

    hello ,everyone thanks yours Encouragement,
    today ,iam painting the blue boor and white flowers.
    i love blue .i think the color is so beautiful.
    i love VANGOGH ,and his color.
    Forexample:blue ,yello ....
    his color was so beautiful.
    From now on, I will draw very many blue color the picture. Color rich picture. Hoped everybody can like. I can create the new picture as far as possible every day, studies diligently. Very much practices. Very happy one day. Hoped everybody also is

    (The click looks at the big chart)
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    A cheery welcome to Art Rage, you will love it here!

    Please don't be sad because you paint such happy, brilliant, dancing for
    joy paintings. The arrangements, colors and textures are exuberant with
    creativity and warmth. Wonderful!
    Mairzie Dotes

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    Very strong images and use of color.

    I like them a lot.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    You have a very bold style! The works in your gallery are amazing, I especially like your "Small Town" painting. Beautiful work!

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    These are beautiful, Sadclown! I really like your bright vivid colours.

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    Talking Swan

    Mairzie Dotes,thanks verymuch .nice too meet you .

    D Akey,thanks .iam very happy you love my painting .so happy .

    Jester2001,thanks.the small town is my first house painting .Thanks your encouragement

    DveRage.thanks very much . i will go on .Very happy you can like my picture

    Today ,i feeing unhappy .i painting the swan ,i hope i will happy .is not sad and unhappy .clown hope everybody will happy everyday.

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    Your work is so beautiful and I love the way you use the colors! I can see painting is a reliever for any sadness you feel. Hope you will be happy because your work is so wonderful and bright!

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