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Thread: wolf illustration

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    wolf illustration

    A drawing for a friend that I meet on the internet. Please let me know what you think, any crits are wellcome . Maybe it is too cartoon-like... A friend of mine once said also that I had to learn to create more contrast. I tried so with the shading in the hair but I dont know if its enough as it is.
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    That's a fine looking wolf to me.

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    A good start. I see what your freiend means by contrast, thought. In my experience, it is always good to work with darker tones first, so don't put in too many highlights into the fur just as yet. Instead, work on toning down the shaded areas, and only then start lightening up the highlightened areas. THis keeps the highlights pure rather than creating mud, thus creating contrast.

    I think you will also find that a real wolf doesn't have pink ears. They insides of the ears and the gums would appear very dark (unless the sun shines through the ears from behind).
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    Great crit!

    I'm wondering about the hind legs. It carries the look of a sort of mascot style emblem. And the hind legs look crossed and very human casual.

    It looks like an anthropomorphic creature, like a human in animal guise, still retaining some give-away human traits.
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