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Thread: Onion Skinning

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    Onion Skinning

    Is it possible to do the "tracing" effect on a sequence of images (or a .mov/.avi)? We would like to use this to do some layered painting effects of movie clips and that would be very helpful. Having a way to move forward/backward between multiple images would be handy (as we trace over them).

    Tony B.

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    it could be done i suppose by making a new layer and then fading the old layer, but it's not very convenient
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesleepless
    it could be done i suppose by making a new layer and then fading the old layer, but it's not very convenient
    I was thinking more forward/backward between the frames of the movie. So you paint some on frame 10...and use the arrow key or jump to frame 9...paint some...then arrow key back to frame 10.....(but it give you an onion skin)of what frame 9 looks like over frame you can paint it the same way.

    Hope that is making sense.
    Tony B.

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    Hi Digitalshow.
    Currently there aren't any features for helping with animation like that...
    But I can tell you, the idea of writing 'ArtRage Animator' really appeals to me.
    Stay tuned to this station.
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    Cool. I am still going to buy ArtRage 2...its still great without that capability.

    Tony B.

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    And if you do decide to work on an animator version...I would love to beta-test it for you.

    Tony B.

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    ArtRage would be a natural for animation.
    Please let me know if you need a Mac beta tester.


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    ooooooooo 8) Count my vote in for an ArtRage Animator!!!!! I would LOVE something like that. I discovered ArtRage because I was searching for something to draw and color cartoons with....intending to eventually animate. This is a hobby I'm just I didn't want to invest in some of those big budget animation programs which all seem geared to AVI instead of the lowly GIF. :lol:
    PS. I'd also love to be a tester.
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