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Thread: Question about drawing tablets.

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    Question about drawing tablets.

    Okay, I just purchased Art Rage 2. No doubt it is a brilliant program, and well worth the small amount they charge for such an excellent piece of kit.
    Anyway, it's obvious to me that I need to go all the way, and purchase a tablet as well, because it is no fun trying to use it with a mouse.

    The question is, I don't want to shell out a fortune on those expensive tablets. They can be in their thousands. I only want something simple to do artwork with, I don't intend to use it for any massive projects or anything.
    I have a budget of about 50. I think that's a resonable amount to pay for one. What would you suggest?

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    hmm not sure how much 50 pound is these days, but i'd look at one of the wacom graphire, maybe an wacom intuos if 50 pound is more than it sounds.
    you don't need a big one, small ones work quite nicely (for me at least)
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    Hi this is going on here as well.

    50 quid gets you a Wacom Volito2. Excellent, but! Once the nib wears down it means buying a new pen, which is almost the same price as the whole thing.

    There are good, cheaper systems but it's worth checking out their compatibility.
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    Volito 2 is now about 25 to 30 pounds

    check PC world online, and also amazon

    if you use pc world, search for the tablet, check the price, click buy at store and you'll get a reference number and then go down to our local store to get it if you dont like buying online......... .thats what i did
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