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Thread: Portrait tutorial

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    What a great tut I traced the lines to on my paintings They are on my Homepage) because whenever I trie to make a painting without those sketchlines the painting looks horrible I`m working on a painting of Nichole Kidman without the lines I can`t show an example yet because I`m a newby but I love your result and the other ones to and they didn`t even had the original reference picture
    Hugs Andrea

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    that is actually pretty sweet

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    Great tutorial! I did have some problems with the blendingknife. I had a green background, which made it very visible that blending sometimes whipes the paint. I solved this by duplicating the basic face and putting that layer behind it.

    Your tip of making a stencil of the face is just genius

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    Wow, John T that was an excellent job. Just pay a little more attention around the shadows of the nose, but you did a really good painting! Are you using a knife to shade or are you adding paint? When it comes to detail, use any tool to get the job done. Pencils are great for that, as well as the airbrush set small. If you use the pencil though, remember to blend it just a tad, or add some shadows over it.

    And yes, electrocute, it is always easier to keep the background on a different layer if you don't want your subject smearing into it. Although sometimes that can be a nice effect.

    I'm glad everyone is getting some use out of this tutorial!
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    Thanks, Dali, for your encouragement and comments. I learnt a lot from your tutorial.

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    Thanks a lot Dali, what a wonderful tutorial, this is going to help a lot

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    Great help in the transition from traditional to digital

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