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    Arrow Bamboo fun small

    Hey, i dont know if this is the right place to ask
    For problems of the tablet..
    ..But maybe you can help me

    Last Saturday i bought a new tablet, the Wacom bamboo fun (small)
    its my first tablet and i dont know ANYTHING about all. (I'll learn)
    I got Artrage 2 with it and photoshop elemtns..
    When i tried to instal it, it allready gave me problems. It seems that I used to miss couple of drivers. I have dl them on the internet and after 3 hours of instalation it finally worked I installed Artrage on it, no single problem

    Just the day after, I started up the computer. And i wanted to really work with it now. just When i float with my pen above the tablet it doesnt go further then the left upper corner. It has a lil square of moving. (like it actually should have the full screen)
    I tried to fix settings, rebooted the comp but i dont dare to redo the instal bcause im scared of the previous problems. But just when i know for sure this will help, i will.
    So if anyone recognize this problem, and\or maybe have fixed it before.
    Can you help me?

    i got a laptop with Win XP.. Greetz Richell

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    Don't know if this is the right answer but you can configure how your tablet map the screen. Did u try to configure the tablet with the table options in the control panel?

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    Unfortunately I'm not certain what you'll need to change to fix that. I'd recommend contacting Wacom support directly about this problem, as they should be able to advise with tablet settings / driver problems and help get it working properly for you.
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