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Thread: in love with artrage!

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    Talking in love with artrage!

    I used to work solely in photoshop, but I am having such fun playing around in artrage! I love the controls and the types of tools that can be used, especially the crayon and pencil tool. I work traditionally in those mediums, so working digitally in them, and then getting to completely erase my mistakes is a rare treat. I tell everyone I know how fun it is and why they need to buy it.

    The only thing I might add, if the makers are listening, is a copy/paste tool. So you can copy an image and paste it elsewhere.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Welcome to the forums, Dali. Great to hear that you're having fun with the software!

    Currently, while you can copy and paste the entire contents of a layer, we don't have selection tools. However, we are looking into options for copy/paste for a future version version of ArtRage. Thanks for the suggestion!
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