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Thread: portrait in progress - another first

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    portrait in progress - another first

    Whew! Flowers are a lot easier than people, that's for sure. I'm having trouble with the skin and all its highlights and shadows.
    Tips and tricks are always welcome!
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    People portraits are one of the hardest subjects for artists; no tricks, just plenty of practice. There are plenty of instructional books (and maybe even websites) to guide you along.) Good luck!

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    You're right about painting flowers vs. people.

    In traditional painting, often times it's helpful to lay in a tone, and then set your light and dark pattern for structure. And then make it work.

    This looks like you are painting over a picture, and as a result, the painting process is very different because you have no need to establish anything, but rather copy verbatim. That's something I often times saw muralists and billboard artists use -- where scale defied stepping back frequently.

    Yours is a legitimate approach, considering the tools available.
    But you are going to be having less of an overview in favor of a local focus.

    It's all good, so far as it goes. Just know that at some point down the road you may want to be able to try flying without being so reliant on tracing.

    But this is a good start. Keep going!
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Thanks for the tips! I actually traced the basic lines with pencil, and using a reference pic to fill in.

    The thing I love about this program is the ability to do, and redo, and redo, and redo, redo, and redo, and redo....

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    I do portraits on paper, so I hope I can help here. I actually have gotten to really like the stencil tool. I did a freehand face in AR to see if I could, and I used the paintbrush to draw the head, color it in and everything, then I tweak it until it looks how I think it should look(just the head, no shading, just one single color) then I make a stencil with that layer and then I go to town with the airbrush. But you have to make even light strokes, or it will be over brushed. That way you end up having a nice crisp edge for the side of the face. Don't forget where your shadows are, and don't be afraid to go dark!

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