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Thread: Portrait problem!

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    Unhappy Portrait problem!


    This is a portrait i have been working on for a couple of days.
    But for the hair I want her to be blonde, but i thought i'd colour it brown as a base so it would be easier to get some shadow in the hair. However it has proven difficult.

    Does anyone have any tips for how to do hair? I find it one of the most challenging things.


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    tried the palette knife(soft side)? i use it when doing hair...i use crayon for base color and the pencil in and smear in tones of lighter colors.Then i add two cel layers and use one for detailing shadows and one for detailing light.

    Hope it helps.

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    Think in terms of the planes of the head and hair (depending on the kind of hair) so you can give it some form and can simplify and get more subtle, if that's a look that interests you.

    Looks good though. Like this it gives an impatient, even brusque quality which may suit certain portraits.
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    I think the palette knife, set at a very small size, (I usiually use one or two) will do wonders.

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    palette knife

    From what I understand about how artrage works, try layering a light blond color at the very top of the hair with the tube paint setting and then blending it down in even strokes with the palette knife. I haven't tried it with hair, works well with other similar things though. Once you already have a layer of darker color down, you need a LOT of lighter color to show over it, otherwise it blends in too easily.

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