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Thread: Seven Deadly Sins WIP

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    Seven Deadly Sins WIP

    I don't think I'll be entering the the ImagineFX challenge but I thought I would at least try drawing a rough sketch of what was in my head. I have a lot to learn about figures, proportions, and lighting. This challenge would be a challenge for me!

    My concept is a photo session with the sins. It is possibly a school dance or some other formal event. Wrath is frustrated taking the photo because the other sins won't get their act together.
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    I can't tell you how much I love this idea. Very cool. Even the labeling. I like that too. Makes it appear like a cross between a police line up, a surveillance analysis, and a sit com.

    Body language indeed.

    Great idea.
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    This looks like a really unique idea! Wonderful sketch and I think it would look really really wonderful if you decide to paint this.

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