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    Hi im new here and very new to using a Wacom Bonboo One tablet. Infact its just arrived this morning and been practicing with it. I have at the moment serif draw pluss 8 and i got Art Rage2 free with my Wacom which i thought was realy cool.

    What im wondering is that i have been looking at some of the paintings in the galery section and are they all made from Art Rage software because what ive seen so far are amazing. I must admit though i can not draw to save my live at the moment but with these forums I hope to learn.

    I like to learn to paint space themes no not just a new document with a black background hehe. But with nebulas and other space stuff like comets and planets etc. That is my challenge to my self one day.

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    welcome to the the forums.......keep practicing .........hope to see some paintings
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    Welcome to ArtRage and the forums! Just play around for a bit and youŽll start to get the hang of it. Looking forward to seeing your work.
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    Welcome to the Artrage family, i know how you feel, when i first started i was like you i can't draw or paint, but now i try and i'm very happy with what i do, Look at my website and look and the pictured of me using my tablet and you'll see why when i first started i couldn't paint but now i try anything.
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    Thanks i will try the clouds tutorial later today as well.

    Also this might be a very long shot but. If i do get good at this and buy a printer and paper what actualy prints good quality painting. Could i sell on ebay/shops using this programe what pictures,paintings i have made. Like i said it be a long shot hehe.

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    HI Skipper,

    Welcome to the forums and to the ArrRage world! I'm sure once you play around with the program and read up on all the excellent tutorials and advice on these forums, you'll be creating stuff that will even amaze yourself!

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