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Thread: a strange brush behavior or problem with wacom ?

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    a strange brush behavior or problem with wacom ?

    Hi all

    Yesterday, late at night, I wondered if Artrage could help me training in Caligraphied Chinese characters, using a kind of very diluted black brush...
    And after spending a lot of hours on this, I figured out that I got a big problem as you can figure on the drawing included here...

    First I don't know why my Intuos 1 pressure is so brutal... I have tried a lot of different pression settings and it is really painful to contract every muscles in order to quite not make contact on it...

    the last problem occurs when I tried to make a quick change of direction using it, there is a strange artifact in the changing direction area. the kind of artifact that I do not see on many Artrage arts I have browsed on the net...

    Please can somebody Help me figuring out what is the problem ??
    I must before leaving and waiting for your answer(s) confess that I use a Intuos1 serial tablet connected through a usb2serial adapter recognized by my imac with tablet magic driver, if this could help...

    I Thank you a lot for having first spent time reading my message and then thank you for your future help

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    Hello Pal...I think you will find that its not Artrage that is the problem,you will find different drivers for the wacom tablet behave in different ways,I had a lot of trouble with my Wacom that turned out to be because I had not used the right driver...some drivers use flicks of the pen to turn over pages and scroll down and those sort of functions...I can imagine the chaos that would cause on someone trying to do chinese calligraphy with lots of differently angled strokes.... You could check with the Wacom site for the driver you need,that will depend on the computer system you are using, xp , vista ,or Mac Etcdouble check that the one you download is suitable for your system and the type of work you want it to do.... Hope this helps..... Jack.
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    Thank you for your reply Jack,

    As you have mentioned I primarly thought that it could be my wacom driver... For detailing my situation, I must say that I have my old (intuos1) serial wacom tablet, connected to an imac (intel cpu) through a serial port to usb adapter... and this causes me to no being able to use the official wacom driver for the simple reason that Wacom does not provide the osx driver for serial tablet models... and then I use the opensource tabletmagic which is still in development...

    I could tell that for the moment I only have 3 solutions...

    1 buying a used usb tablet but unfortunately, France is well known for it's taxes and god may knows it is not the proper time for me to have this kind of expense now...

    2 installing boot camp, then windows, then the driver for wacom serial for windows then Artrage etc etc... but spending most time on switching from one to the other os does not enjoy me much...

    3 waiting for a better pressure sensitivity version of tabletmagic... but how many weeks or months will I have to wait ?

    4(dreamed option) waiting for santa for offering me a brand new usb tablet... oh... hmm.. hehe I've just forgotten that I am my own Santa so going back to option 1....

    Finally may I ask you and the users that will read this message, if they can try doing the same picture I posted first in Artrage, and then show me if finally I will be facing a driver issue (and then my 3 options left) or if it is a limitation of the brush tool finally (maybe some Artrage developpers advice could help too ?)

    One more time thank you Jack and thanks everybody for trying to help me...


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    Hi dadicrunch

    I'm on Vista here with a wacom graphire usb tablet. This is a similar image using the default pen-settings.
    A. The artifact thing is normal behavior of ArtRage.
    B. But it looks to me like you are using very thin oils, resulting in double stokes. If that was not intended, try using 50% thinner on a new layer and use the layers opacity to make it thin (or use a lighter grey instead).

    Btw. It looks to me like you have no or very little pressure sensibility at all. My old wacom was like that. You should be able to do strokes like C. D is with a mouse.

    Hope it helps.
    A driver issue it is! DoodLS
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    Do you have any examples of actual text designs that you are trying to emulate with ArtRage, so we have a better understand of what you'd want to create?

    Here are two tests I did (pictured together), one is done with the Oil Paints and the other with the Felt Pen (marker).
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    Is your tablet new, did you get it used, or is it one you've had for a long while?
    Intuos has some issues with pens. One pen doesn't transfer to other types of tablets. As is, if you have an intuos 1, you can only write on it with an intuos 1 pen, intuos 2 is the same, as is intuos 3. I had a intuos 2, gave it away to a my husband's best friend, and got myself an intuos 3. Well a little misshap with coffee has my intuos 3 in the garage being fixed, so I am back to using the intuos 2, but I had to get the 2 pen back because the 3 pen didn't work with it. And, if the pen gets dropped alot, or is left out, stuck in bags or pockets with no tip protection, the sensitivity of the tip can be affected. That might be a problem where you just might need to buy a new pen.
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