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Thread: Keep the Hauptmann Happy

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    Keep the Hauptmann Happy

    I bought ArtRage two days ago - fancied something with an Austro-Hungarian theme - et voila! The Hauptmann is intended as part of a larger picture.
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    Awesome! Great design. Funny and creepy at the same time!

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    Thanks - appreciate the feedback!

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    Great character and illustration. Look forward to seeing the larger picture.

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    Oh come on... who won't give a big kiss to that lovely soldier.

    As gzairborne I want to see the whole paint.
    By the way welcome to Artrage forums.

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    Hi gzairborne and Asincrono - the finished picture is now in the the relevant part of the Gallery - I made a mess of the resolution but hey - early days yet!

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    Great stuff Tector. Lovely feel and fun to it. Looks like you'll take to ArtRage and love it like the rest of us have.
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    Thanks for that Nickillus; it was your sketchbook in ImagineFX that put me on to ArtRage in the first place

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