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Thread: jessica biel-pencil drawing

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    jessica biel-pencil drawing

    hey there all
    id like some comments good or bad on my pic that im doing.
    i have always liked pencil drawing but am finding the transition from real to digital a challenge this is about 6 hours in i spent maybe 3-4 hours on the eyes to get them just right.
    i will post the complete image when finished.

    P.S can anyone give me any pointers on hair as every time i try i make a mess of it.

    many thanks
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    You're doing well, keep up the good work. As to hair, try using layers: layer 1 for a broad pen wash, then some layers above that with pencil in different sizes using sweeping strokes...

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    Many thanks for the advice Rowena i will give it ago.

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    This is a great start!

    One suggestion that I didn´t notice for some time: when you´re working on very detailed bits, increase the percentage shown in the top tool bar. (Let´s say from 100% to 165% or 200%. You can tell what works for your particular need.) That way you see your strokes more clearly. You may have to fiddle with brush size. Then when you´re finished, drop it back to your original percentage to see how it looks. Oh the joys of digital art. And I second Rowena´s comments about using layers!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished project!
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