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Thread: Palette Knife Problem

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    Palette Knife Problem

    Newbee Artrager here. I was wondering why I some times get paint moving on outsides of stroke but nothing in the middle. It looks like I am using a fork with middle prongs missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading posts by members quite a bit and I am impressed with the ArtRage community and help that can be found here.
    Thank you.

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    check that you've turned 'edge' off on the tool settings box if you want the knift to be flat
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    Also adjust the pressure applied.
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    for blending/smoothing , as the guys said, turn off 'edge' and the pressure to use is between 0 and 10 %, i prefer 0 to 5 %, also it usally works if the colours are contrasting and not similar, also, adjust the size of your knife, to whatever you are painting...........

    for actually painting use higher pressures,

    hope this helps
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