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Thread: Removing stencils from 'favorites' category?

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    Removing stencils from 'favorites' category?

    I can't find any way to do this.
    The only stencil I use anymore is the ruler. But it's at the very bottom of the 'favorites' tab, under french curves, circles, gradient and other things that almost- or never see any use. Is there any way to delete this so I don't have to suffer the immense inconvenience and yea, verily, agony of having to move a scrollbar?

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    Couldn't you just click on the "Ruler" tab (which should be right underneath the "Favorite" tab), which has the Ruler right at the top by default?
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    The favorite stencils are stored in ArtRage's settings file, so if you hold down the spacebar as ArtRage starts up to return it to default settings, it should clear out the favorites for you.
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    ARRGH I stopped drawing for a while and completely forgot I posted this thread.

    I'm sorry to take so long to even acknowledge the replies. Clicking 'ruler' tab is an extra mouse click, and that's terribly much work. I didn't know about resetting ArtRage to defaults - so I just did that. Thank you!

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