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Thread: What a pitty

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    What a pitty

    What a pitty, that the old web dies.

    Html was created for contend which adapts to the display device.
    Today it is getting more and more obverse. The device has to
    adapt to the content. If you have a netbook - throw it away!
    If you have a 24 inch widescreen monitor - throw it away!

    You are only allowed to 1024 pixel width because all printed
    high glossy pamphlets of the designer guild have that ratio

    And 90 percent of all designer use the same layout. I suppose
    it must be a Dreamweaver template: curved bar with white-grey
    gradient. All websites have the same boring white-grey layout.
    Why did we all buy expensive true color graphic cards?

    I wonder, If I should put some colored transparent sheet in front
    of my monitor? Different colors for each of those boring websites?

    I hope this uninspired white-grey-website styles will go out of fashion
    as fast as possible.

    But I fear then the designern come up with something like doing websites
    in PDF-files and call it Web 3.0

    In exchange you get Javaskript everywhere and forum sites do not
    work correctly anymore but want weird unintuitiv formatting cr**.
    Instead of simple ascii text it mutated into some sort of Word for
    poor people. Getting some lines of text into a readable form becomes
    an adventure. The most evil thing I ever met was Joomla. The best
    software is the NoScript plugin for Firefox to turn off all Flash and
    Javaskript. It is always annoying if I have to activate JS on websites
    to get essential functions. JS and Flash are security leaks.

    Oh boy, I want the old WEB 1.0 back!!! And beware of Chrome...
    Kunst muss nicht immer kompliziert sein!

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    Wow. I had no idea since I don't do web. But the web was always irritating.

    And yes, modified templates are the way most like to go. Few things are needed to be new. Welcome to the wide world of Art anymore.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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