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Thread: Can't retrieve default folders in Mac

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    Can't retrieve default folders in Mac

    Hi! I've been absent since my PC crashed a year ago. I took the Apple way and bought a nice Mac Mini with OSX Tiger. After some time I downloaded Art Rage (starter ed.) and recently the Full version. I downloaded some textures as stencils from sites provided by Nickillus without any problem.

    Today I wanted to download the stencils and canvases provided by Misterpaint but I couldn't find the Application library for Art Rage 2.5; just for Starter edition was the library active. I thought that the first version kept the second at bay, so I pulled this version and its library to the basket but no other one took its place. So, I pulled the library back to its place and copied the new stencils without inconvenient. But now, when tried to copy the Masterpainter canvases to the library I noticed that there was no canvases folder left; just...ArtRage2/resources/stencils. I reinstaled the 2.5 full version but nothing changed. I'm afraid I messed things up. Any ideas? Thank you.
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    The place to look for custom content like that is: Users/<user name>/Library/Application Support/ArtRage 2/Resources.

    ArtRage never removes folders from there on its own, it just creates them when it finds it needs to. If you want to add more items and you don't do it via ArtRage you need to add the folders manually at this point.

    To add canvas presets you need to make sure there is a Presets/Canvases folder inside that resources folder. To add Stencils you need to make sure there is a Stencils folder inside that resources folder.

    I'm not sure what could have removed the folder if it was there before you ran the application, ArtRage can't actually do anything but add them. I hope that clears things up!
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