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Thread: simple "brush"

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    simple "brush"

    I'd like to use artrage for all my work, and indeed find myself using it for extended periods almost exclusively.

    I get the "simplicity" thing and the focus on natural media....]

    However, I often find myself wishing for the most basic "digital" brush of all,

    a round brush (and/or square!) with an opacity setting and a size setting....

    I know it's digital, but it's such a staple....

    maybe the watercolour brush will fill this hole, maybe not...

    If you do add a watercolour brush I hope it has the flexibility of the oils (eg instadry) and a simple opacity setting...

    I don't think this'd make artrage "bloatware" and I'm sure I'll get comments that this isn't a "natural media" brush and has no place in artrage... but I truly believe this to be a worthwhile concession to digital painting.


    In many digital paint packages you'd set a round or square brush to around 80% and use it for blocking out like a simplistic watercolour technique

    It has the advantage of being extremely predictable (for the artist) and computationally fast on large canvases.

    Many concept artists only ever use this one brush at different scales...

    I'd love it for fast blocking, quick changes and washes....
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