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Thread: A quick question about ArtRage

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    A quick question about ArtRage


    I am thinking of buying Artrage, but I notice in the free version that there is no facility for adding text to the canvas. Can anyone confirm (or deny) that the full version has text/font capability?

    Many thanks


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    Hi there,welcome
    the full version does not have text,
    there are ways to add text but not as typing.......just importing as a picture.

    Future versions may have a text typing tool.
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    ArtRage emulates natural painting/drawing media. As such text tools arent available. However, there are many freebies or cheapies out there that let you add text to whatever image you create (as in create in ArtRage, save image as a jpg, png, tiff, etc, then import that image in whatever other program to add the text).

    I did that in a painting in my gallery, "Avila: the D Akey version.") I just mentioned that to give you an idea if youre interested.

    Maybe someone else can give suggestions on the free or very inexpensive programs.

    As an aside, for the price of ArtRage, its worth your while to get it even without the text. (No , Im not part of the team that wants to sell it. )
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    Just to remind that you can do text in AR... with stencils. This would be the way an artist in real media would work. Any other type of text requirement is easy to add if you export into another program such as Twisted Brush for example.

    But if you are prepared to work with stencils, theses can be rotated and inverted, enlarged and reduced. And you have multiple rulers to guide you straight as well as layers that allow you to move the text around afterwards.

    Its a very cool program - I have never for one moment ever regretted my purchase!
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