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Thread: Move & Magnify are HARD WORK!!!

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    Move & Magnify are HARD WORK!!!

    Hiya Artageous types...

    A feature request for me would be to simplify the move & magnify routine. Once you've used Sketchbook Pro 2.0 for move and resize, you're a little bit spoiled, of course.

    At the same time, ArtRage 2.11 has a very non-intuitive way of dealing with postioning. I really want the cursor point to be my point of reference in the zoom and shrink. Instead, it seems to be something else. So I have to zoom, then move, then zoom again, then move, just to get done what would take me one click and move in Sketchbook, Corel etcera.

    Any plans on the horizon for this to be changed?

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    Currently we zoom on the centre of the screen as a reference point as the centre of your interest, so you're right that it doesn't happen based on the point that you first have your cursor before you start to drag to control the zoom operation.

    While I don't have anything concrete in terms of changes to this behaviour at the moment, we certainly appreciate the feedback!
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