Hi, Rage-team. I just load that 2.11 version and have read your message from these changes. Hmm. How i dont notice these before? Summer, summer..

All program-modification are quite welcome. Tested and work fine.

Big thanks.


Reworked the Palette Knife to improve smearing and blending quality.

Added a 'Dry Brush' function. When you take the Oil Brush Loading to 0% the brush applies no paint, you can use it to blend existing paint as if it was clean.

Added a 'Quick Mirror' function that allows you to do a quick 'mirror check' of your painting. Holding down the H key flips your painting horizontally, holding down the V key flips it vertically. When you release the key, the painting returns to its normal orientation. This function is for people who like to be able to do mirror checks of their work to check for structural problems.

You can now change the background colour used by ArtRage. If your canvas is smaller than the ArtRage window, select the colour you want and Alt/Option-Click the background. The default colour is white.

Added the name of your current painting to the titlebar of the ArtRage window.

The Spacebar can now be used to move the canvas. Hold the spacebar down and left click/drag to move the canvas. When you release the spacebar, your selected tool will work again. To rotate the canvas, hold down the spacebar then the Alt/Option key and left click/drag the canvas.

Changed how ArtRage stores its registration and user preference information so that multiple user accounts on one machine will have easier access to the application.

Added the ability to 'oversize' tools. When you single click the tool size preview you are prompted to enter a percentage value for the tool size. You can now manually enter sizes up to 500%. You can stil only use the standard size preview slide functionality to reach 100%, but some users had requested larger tools. Please note, you may experience some unusual behaviour in tools over 100%, we do not suggest using this feature unless you are working on extremely large documents.