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Thread: Drag & Drop Reference Please

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    Drag & Drop Reference Please

    I love the reference feature in Art Rage and the fact that it associates the files and placement of images to each painting!!!!

    The only problem is that it's cumbersome to use. I use a lot of reference when I paint and open maybe 30 or so images as reference for each painting. It takes a really long time to go through all the menus to open each piece of reference.

    PLEASE make it so you can drag and drop reference images into a painting! If you could just drag your file and hover over the "Refs" icon and when you release then the image/images open as references that would be awesome! Or even if you could just drag and drop it right onto the canvas that would be great too....I would totally be willing to sacrifice dragging a file in to create a new painting for being able to drag reference in (I only have one painting at a time, but 30 references). It would probably save me like 20 minutes per painting and I use Art Rage a lot!

    Also, if you could change the shape of the reference window rather than just being able to scale it that would be great. I may have a piece of reference that is a very narrow landscape image and zoom in to see a person standing in it and it would very helpful if I could adjust the shape of the window to be portrait format so I am not taking up all the space on my canvas with the extra stuff on the sides of the person I don't want to look at.

    The big green pins seem completely unnecessary also and they can get in the way when you have several pieces of reference open. I often have to move one piece of reference because the green pin is blocking part of another image. At the very least make them smaller and have them disappear when you hide the rest of your panels. As far as I can tell they serve no purpose, so you might as well get rid of them altogether though.

    I would also prefer if the ref images defaulted to straight rotation rather than a random rotation. I end up having to go through each image and reset it's rotation. Sure, having to option to rotate it is great, but I don't really understand why anyone would want it to open at a random rotation.

    One more thing. Like many professional digital artists I use a dual monitor setup. It would be really great if you could move your reference images out of the Art Rage space and onto the second screen so you could have the whole first screen for your canvas space (like you can do with files open in PS). My paintings are so often cluttered with reference images over the top and the other monitor is just sitting there like wasted space.

    To sum it up..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reference feature in Art Rage, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE streamline it!
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    This is something I planned on suggesting as well (I'm actually building up a "wish list" for ArtRage 3, which I plan to post in the Suggestion area once I'm sure about them).

    The idea of being able to drag the references into ArtRage would really be helpful (especially if we could drag more then one item at a time). Maybe there could be a menu that opens, which asks if the items we drag onto the screen are meant to be references or images for layers. If not that, perhaps a check box option in the menus where we could choose what happens with an item dragged onto the screen.

    On the same issue, the option to hide/reveal the reference images would be great as well (like you can do with the stencils). Sometimes I like to have them all there, but find that I'd like to hide some of them at times (without removing them completely, which would force me to find and replace them later).

    Thanks for reading,
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    Thanks for the detailed suggestions, illustr8r!
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    ...and how about '...paste as reference' option? I sometimes hunt in the internet photo galleries for nice references (landscapes, portraits), and it would be really easier to right click-copy image, switch to Artrage-edit/paste as reference, than doing this the current way (saving/browsing/opening)

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    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the response! I appreciate having an open forum for suggestions that is actually taken into consideration by you guys at Ambient.

    Don't know if this is a bug or an intentional choice, but I have another thing to mention regarding references. When you have the window in full-screen mode and arrange your references in the workspace, if you shrink your window back down to a smaller size all the ref images cluster themselves on top of each other to fit in the smaller format and when you go back full-screen mode they remain stacked on top of each other in the center of the workspace. I wish they would just remain where they were in full screen mode, even when you shrink down the window, so you don't have to reorganize everything when you go back to full screen mode.

    I hate to always refer to Photoshop, but the when you have multiple images open in PS and shrink the the whole PS window down it doesn't rearrange the just leaves them where they were. I think that is the best solution for references. Don't know if that was clear....You understand what I'm trying to say?


    oh..p.s. I'd also like to recommend dropping the big white Polaroid borders on refs. They just take up screen real estate and I don't see much benefit to having them. Maybe just a thin little line that stays like 2 pixels no matter how you scale the image would do the trick.
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