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Thread: Pin on ruler

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    Pin on ruler

    Is it possible to make the pin on the edge of the ruler by default? As somebody who uses the ruler to draw perspective lines, this would be useful as then all the lines would go through one vanishing point.

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    Hi Susan,

    The default pin position in ArtRage is in the centre of the stencil or ruler and there's not currently a way to change this. It's a good thought though, thanks for the suggestion!
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    you can move the pin to the edge and it works very well. Another trick is to reduce the magnification and place the perspective pivot off frame. then by hiding and showing the ruler you can keep your perspecive active for the entire painting sessions. I also like to change the size of the rulers to narrow them from the default size. this is more a matter of taste than function, but the narrow ruler seems easier to place off frame in the reduced magnification.

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