Hi everyone...sorry haven't been around much, and I'm new too, so everyone doesn't even really know me yet...If this isn't cool to post, let me know...I did see another thread of someone selling a Bamboo so I figured it was ok.
Ran into some hard times work, family and money wise...which leads me to this: I have to part with my brand new Wacom Intuos3 9x12 tablet...I really love the thing, but it's a luxury item for a guy with kids. Thought I would post it here first before going to the bay or whatever.
I have used it for 3 pictures I did in Art Rage. Comes in original box, all software, pen, mouse(never used), pen holder, extra nibs come with it. These are $449 new (which is what I paid)...I would like to get $375 out of it + shipping...
paypal is preferred (from bank account only though, not credit card). US only please. PM me if interested....thanks