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Thread: Upgrade policy of Artrage?

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    Upgrade policy of Artrage?

    What is the upgrade policy of Artrage?

    Is it a one version license or a lifetime or two years?
    I could not find any info on the webpages about it.

    Not that Artrage is expensive, but right now Artrage lacks some small functions for me to use it professionally.

    However I could imagine registering Artrage now and then upgrade just to support its development if it would be cheaper than buying ArtRage 3 when it comes out.

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    I believe ArtRage's licensing is pretty standard fare: micro-updates (2.5.1=>2.5.2) and point updates (2.3=>2.4) included, major version upgrades (2.5=>3.0) not included. I expect an upgrade cost when 3.0 is released.

    Of course, the Ambient Design team can provide a more definitive response. =)

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    Yeah, that's about right. So far we've given away major feature updates from ArtRage 2.0 through to ArtRage 2.5

    As for ArtRage 3... we haven't decided on pricing structure yet. ArtRage 3 will definitely be a major update.
    There's likely to be some kinda upgrade pricing, but I dont know what that will be.
    Note that ArtRage 3 is still quite a while away - we're still writing it.
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