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Thread: Palo Duro Canyon 2

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    Palo Duro Canyon 2

    Here┤s the latest version. It┤s not too far from being finished, but there are still somes bits and bobs to do, apart from the general fiddling at the end:

    The sky is still roughed in, though a bit more. It shouldn┤t pose a problem to finish.

    The trees in silhouette to the right, however, aren┤t quite right. I┤ve painted them every which way (got to love those layers), but when I try to get more than the silhouette, it draws attention away from the center focus. We┤ll see what I can come up with, if anything.

    Thanks to all for your comments! Keep your fingers crossed on this one.
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    Looks good!

    Couple questions though. . . is that a road that is coming toward us at the bottom? If it's vanishing/getting larger that much it means there's a lot of distance being shown. So you could support that in various ways, not least of which is to place some large objects also showing such a scale change. Example would be vegetation or large rocks that are much bigger than in the distance.

    If we're looking down on the road, then we would perhaps not see such a change in the width.

    Also you may want to watch how it turns. Right now it's looking a little like a twisting ribbon as opposed to a flat road. The flatness can be re-enforced by the use of shadows or lateral lines on the road showing the ground being flat by how they are marked.

    Having said all that, I really like how you have the overall working. It definitely has dynamism in your use of lights and shadow. And I love the painterly quality overall, especially in the sky. That was a nice surprise. It all works well with the way you handled the light areas of the hillside.

    Looking very good. Strong piece.
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    I like how this is developng. The striations in the rock of the canyon wall are very realistic. I like the play of so many colors mixing together, yet standing out individually to form the rock and trees and road. Where does it lead? The eternity expressed by the solidity of the canyon is also exposed to be a weakness, as the wind and rain have shaped and eroded it. It some ways it is reminiscent of the rusting boat you painted on the mountaintop. It hints at the interplay of the permanence and transitory nature of all things.

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