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Thread: Creating eyes? | any tips?

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    Talking Creating eyes? | any tips?

    I am an artist in progress, I do very well with pencils and any other hard drawing utensils on paper. ArtRage and other programs like it have truly open my eyes to the world of digital art. I am still perfecting my painting skills, so I must learn how they interact. This program is a great way to learn because if I mess up I can just undo. With all the tools I need, even without having to buy replacements if they run out. I have done many real paintings so maybe I will upload those later.
    Any tips for creating eyes? I had a lot of trouble creating eyes. I am not sure what setting it should be at so I was forced to resort to chalk and/or crayons in the ArtRage program. I understand they are the hardest to capture in any art piece, but when you are actually using your own hand it's easy to me. The mouse is a different story...

    Thank you for your time, and I would love any tips!
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    Hi there Midnight and welcome.

    yes using the mouse is very hard, i tryed when first trying artrage but found it to difficult so i bought myself a graphics tablet which made things alot better.

    so if you want to really get the best out of art rage buy yourself a tablet.#

    as for drawing eyes it depends what tool you are using there are some good tutorials on the site

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    Look and look. It's not always criminal to trace, especially if it helps you become familiar with (whatever you're painting).

    And eyes are really expressive and say so much that it's hard to say what to do, because subtle inflections and changes will change the whole thing you're trying to project.

    And a lot matters what you're style looks like, what animal or human's eyes you're doing, the lighting, etc.

    So in other words, find excellent source material and copy until you get to where you build an understanding.

    The internet has lots of stuff.

    Good luck. And it'll be fun for you to see your own visual power as you get a handle on it.
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    Tips for eyes. Free Download Video;download/

    NOTE: a quicktime video.

    And here:
    200 free video tutorials for digitalpainting
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    Hi misterpaint,
    Thank you for the links to the eye tutorial and portrait tutorials much appreciated.

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