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    The undertaker

    Thsi is a project that's been mulling around my brain over the past few days, and today I finally set pen to the paper (so to speak) and started drawing.

    I started with a basic shape of what I wanted and then started to sketch in details. Then I started adding colour with the airbrush, slowly building up shades and details.
    I'm pleased with the progress so far, considering I've only spent an hour with it up till now.

    Here's a teaser, buth with and without the sketch overlayed...
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    A few more details added here, mainly the eyes and lips. I'll have to change the shape of the right eye when I add details there.
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    More pleased with the eye shape now, but I'll have to move it closer to the nosebridge to make it look more correct (thinking of perspective here).

    I've also cleaned up a few skintones and started to add lines that's not as abrupt as the pencil sketching.
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    A little stubble makes him look more authentic and alive...
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    Interesting progress! Your last entry shows the character to be very sinister looking (to me, at least).
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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    Thank you! Seems like I've gotten across the mood I was going for. I'm aiming for one of them really stereotypical undertakers from the wild west area. You know the kind; Gaunt, sourly and creepy, always dressed in a shabby hand-me-down suit, and looking down their nose on anyone as if they are offended by people simply being alive.

    I'm still not 100% finished with the right eye, but at least it's a lot more like what I wanted. I also fixed a small discreppancy with the right wing of the nose. It's now more pronounced.

    Next up will probably be the hat, followed by a few strands of withered and gray hair.
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