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Thread: Pin-up Frida Kahlo

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    Red face Pin-up Frida Kahlo

    I was challanged to design a tattoo for a good friend of mine.
    The concept is to depict Frida Kahlo as a sexy pin-up girl. This is
    what I have created so far... I am quite satisfied with the overall design,
    but am having difficulty picking out colors for her dress. I want her dress to look festive and colorful, but not like a mexican pinata.
    So, by posting this unfinished sample, maybe it will stir up some
    ideas. Any comments or ideas of your own would be much welcomed.
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    I already made a comment on this one in the General Chat forum. I like the look.

    As far as coloring goes, take a good look at her dressed in her native folk dress (Google, Wiki, etc.). You´ve probably already done this. She didn´t look like a piņata, but she was very colorful indeed! Lots of primary colors, with additional highlights.

    It will interesting to see what you come up with.
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    nice work so far( you made her more better to say) say go with oranges/reds with yellow tints..and give the background an opp. color like purple...i would use yellow/brown for skins ..(good luck on color scheme)..Ive been a tattoo artist for about 8 years....feel free to add me on myspace to check out my art/tattoos,

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    Boy, talk about making a big splash! It's a great stylization. She never looked so good, not even with Selma Hayek playing her.

    I would only recommend that the legs be placed a little differently. Granted, it's stylized and you are taking liberties with her, heh, but I could see a couple possible alternatives that could make her legs feel better.

    As it is right now, the foot placement is a little odd and stilted -- with her far leg being lower on the ground plane than the close one. If she is crossing over in a 'step' toward is like a model's walk/turn, I would put the spacing between the legs and feet a little closer together. It would also make her appear more graceful because the overall look would taper more, as well as give the balancing quality a bit more of a light on her feet look.

    On the other hand, I could also see you placing the foot/leg farther forward in something of a subtly more opening, longer step, which would play up the provocative sexy quality a little more. Not a rootin-tootin, plant your feet in an A-Frame shape, but just an easy, graceful step.

    But mind the knees and foot distance (length of the leg segments (knee to ankle and so on). It will really pay off, and if this guy is going to have this on him for life, you may want to make it perfect. Cause you can't go back with a knife and move things around.

    Hope that helps. It's really awesome, despite my lengthy suggestion. It only am talking about one little area of the whole. The rest is great.

    I'm truly impressed.
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    Wow! Thanks for the feedback!!

    Thanks for the feedback, y'all! I appreciate the input. I will continue to post my progress with this piece, and hope to hear from you soon.

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